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Toast & Tonic and The Good Food Lab's ‘Sharing Table’ has all the makings of a great dinner party.
The fourth in the series called “Rolling Pasta, Unrolling Stories”- an experimental menu, curated by Sr. Sous Chef Chirag Makwana, where Pasta makes its way through the different courses of your meal, from a Smoked Chicken Tortellini to a Lobster Agnolotti, followed by Khapli Wheat Spaghetti and Gnochetti with Lamb Ragu and finally, a Basil Panna Cotta to wrap up your meal.

By Chef Chirag Makwana


Date: 24th Oct, 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 8:00 pm

Venue: Toast & Tonic, BKC, Mumbai

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The Menu
Lobster Mushroom Agnolotti_Toast&Tonic_S
Smoked Chicken Tortellini with Broth_Toa
Gnochetti with Soy Lamb Ragu_Toast&Tonic
Khapli Wheat Spaghetti_Toast&Tonic_Shari
Basil Panna Cotta_Toast&Tonic_Sharing Ta

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